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About the artist.

From crafting colorful trinkets in childhood to exploring vibrant mosses in the forest, my artistic journey has been a celebration of the beauty in the seemingly mundane. The forest memories, particularly, have deepened my connection to colour, shaping the essence of my work.


Van Gogh's impressionist artworks have profoundly influenced my artistic vision. The vibrant brushstrokes and emotional intensity of his pieces resonate deeply with my own exploration of colour and the emotional narratives within my work.

My art seeks to unveil beauty in unexpected places, a sentiment echoed in a piece where I transformed my living space into a vibrant cacophony of colours. Embracing a meditative approach, my recent journey at a classical arts college in Florence has led me to ponder the construction of forms deeply.

Challenging norms, I've found beauty in the taboo, like portraying someone "doom scrolling" on the porcelain throne. It's an exploration of the juxtaposition between the potentially unpleasant and the allure of vibrant colours, coupled with the transformative power of humour.

My preferred mediums are the timeless richness of oil paint and the contemporary versatility of digital images. Through the interplay of these mediums, I seek to create a dynamic fusion that captures both the traditional essence and the evolving possibilities within my artistic expression.

In navigating heavy subjects, my aim is to be a "comedian of the arts." I choose to illuminate the subject of illness with the reminder that life is transient, hoping to bring laughter as a therapeutic and connective experience. After all, in this transient existence, I simply hope my audience walks away laughing.

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